Bridget Moynahan Slams Celebrities With Perfect Post-Baby Bodies


Bridget Moynahan And JohnIs Tom Brady’s ex taking a pre-baby swipe at Gisele? In a recent interview, Bridget Moynahan discussed her views when it comes to celebrities and their near perfect post-baby bodies. According to Moynahan, celebrities that strut their post-baby stuff are setting a “horrible” and unrealistic standard for normal mothers.

Says Moynahan:

“I think it’s horrible for young girls and women to see all these pictures of celebrities and the way they bounce back and they’re strolling around and they have all these nice things. It’s all about how cute the baby looks. It’s not that easy and it’s not that glamorous. It’s not like having the new bag or shoe.”

Heidi Klum may not be planning to grace the pages of Victoria’s Secret after her next baby, but something tells me that I’ll be seeing Gisele’s semi-nude figure almost immediately after she gives birth… and not just because I’m Googling pictures of Gisele in lingerie.

According to 5 Resolutions, the number of People Magazine headlines mentioning celebrity pregnancies, babies, or baby-weight doubled from 2002 to 2005. In fact, the whole celebrity parenting thing has really taken off (thanks in part to FameCrawler) in the last few years.

Is our national obsession with celebrity parenting setting unrealistic expectations? Or is it simply an extension of our fascination with celebrities in general. Either way, the answer has to be: yes and no.

What do you think?