Brindavanam Movie Review: Critics Aren't Wild About The Family Comedy

Brindavanam movie review: Worth watching?

Based on the “Brindavanam” movie review, should you go see this new film starring newly divorced and newly married Prakash Raj? According to critics, it’s no “Endhiran,” and it may not even be a “Khaleja,” Mahesh Babu’s new movie. In “Brindavanam,” Srihari and Raj play stepbrothers with a fierce rivalry who get enmeshed in a complicated, comical scheme to marry off their family members.

Critics are saying that while it is good for families, the move is melodramatic and not nearly as engaging as “Endhiran.” Still, audiences were lined up a day in advance to see the film! Check out the reviews below and add your own. “The first half of Brindavanam runs crisply with few super action sequences, the second suffers from loads of sentiment and family drama. And the climax is rather peculiar – may be something that NTR, DIL Raju and Vamsi Paidipally collectively agreed on.” “Melodrama is at a high all through, and so is the foolish Tollywoodian hope that callous people – who are long past their youth, by the way, and have been hateful all their lives – can suddenly be turned around using high-pitched speeches of righteousness. The dialogues are well-written, though, and do invite that occasional whistle from the audiences.” “Even though the title gives an impression of a soft film in the offering, Brindavanam has all the commercial elements and these have been included in the film because the script requires them.” “Will Kajal who’s aim is to go abroad for higher studies stay back? What will happen to Samantha? NTR mends the differences between Srihari and Prakash Raj, and the villages too. But there is a small twist in the end.”

Have you seen the movie? What did you think?


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