Bristol Palin Dancing with the Stars Backlash - A Viewer Boycott in the Works?


bristol palin dancing with the starsWhen it comes to Bristol Palin on Dancing with the Stars there are two firm camps – those that love the teen mom and those that want her off the show.   She seems to have the same polarizing effect of her mother Sarah Palin.   

Following the surprise elimination of Brandy on last night’s results show and Bristol’s advancement to the final round, some viewers are calling for a boycott of the show.

Is there a Dancing with the Stars boycott in the works?

Viewers across the Internet are calling for a boycott of the hit ABC show to help voice their outrage at the elimination of front-runner Brandy from the competition.  At issue are the dance skills (or lack of dance skills) of competitor Bristol Palin.  Just peruse the comments on the blogs, chat rooms, and bulletin boards to see the ongoing outrage that the young Palin has gotten so far in the competition despite her awkward routines throughout the season.  It’s a political conspiracy they announce.  I’ll never watch again they scream in all caps.  Brandy was robbed they exclaim.  Maybe they should have voiced all that concern on Monday night during the live voting!

Will you boycott Dancing with the Stars?