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Bristol Palin Dancing with the Stars Finals: Could Bristol Palin Win DWTS?

By WendyM |

bristol palin dancing with the stars finals could bristol palin win

Bristol Palin Dancing with the Stars Finals: Could Bristol Win DWTS?

Bristol Palin’s in the Dancing with the Stars finals… could Bristol Palin win DWTS?


But seriously, Bristol Palin could win Dancing with the Stars, given the tremendous voter support she’s gotten to get her into the DWTS finals!

Is there a Bristol Palin Dancing with the Stars Tea Party conspiracy? Does her mom, Sarah Palin, have some kind of pull on voters?

Bristol Palin has credited being relatable to DWTS viewers as the key to her success. She’s a non-dancer and has a strong fan following because many can relate.

But… and correct me if I’m wrong… isn’t Dancing with the Stars a talent competition? How did Bristol Palin make the finals and Brandy didn’t?

Read more about Bristol Palin making it to the finals – comments have been mixed reviews of support and those upset with Bristol making it through on DWTS. Some are even planning to quit watching Dancing with the Stars!

What do you think of Bristol Palin making it through to the Dancing with the Stars finals? Does she deserve to be there? Wasn’t Brandy robbed?

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0 thoughts on “Bristol Palin Dancing with the Stars Finals: Could Bristol Palin Win DWTS?

  1. Chrissy says:

    Bristol Palin, it’s not that I don’t like you, but you can’t dance. You need to be voted off of Dancing With the Stars. End of Story!!!!! P.S. Your sob story does nothing for me….

  2. Max Green says:

    I think Bristol has really improved her dancing. I sure can’t dance as well as her. Itss all beside the point though. Its a democratic show. The fans have spoken. We have to respect the process and respect the people’s choice. Only those who vote can complain anyway.

  3. Gloria says:

    This is a dancing competition, not a political stance. Bristol is a terrible dancer and does not deserve to be put in the finals. I think she is so bad that mark should have given up their spot. This is obviously more than a voting competition. It’s turned into a political arena! If Bristol palin wins i am done with the show.

  4. Sherry says:


  5. S Sanders says:

    It’s a sad day when a person known only for being an unwed teen mother and daughter of vice presidential candidate is even asked to be a contestant on a show to display dance skills! Call me old fashioned but what kind of message does that send to young girls? She’s not a good role model, at least that’s not who I want my daugher to admire! I thought Republicans and Tea Party members were conservative and into family values? The message I’m getting is it’s okay to have children out of wedlock. “Look at Bristol, she’s a teen mother and is becoming famous as a result!.” Would she had been asked to compete had she not had such a high profile due to her teen pregnancy? To add insult to injury, this young girl has no dance skills! How she made it to the finals over an obvious qualified dancer is a shame. My dog moves with more grace than her. This show is bogus and has lost me as a viewer! The winners and runners up of each of the previous seasons have at least been deserving!

  6. terry ulibarra says:

    As of today my family will no longer watch the show. I was one of the shows biggest fan. I have become discouraged with the results in the show. There have been individuals in the show htat have no business in thr show. They are not even celebrities. Whare does Bristol
    Palin get off thinking shes a star. You might as well give her the trophy. unfortunately, i believe the judges have a lot to do with the voting. They are unfair and con’t be objective. As i said, my family and I will no longer watch ther show!!!!!

  7. Rose Anne Preston says:

    Monday nights DWTS was like a political advertisement for Sarah Palin. The mother did not deserve the air time, it should have been Bristol. This appears to be political voting rather than talent voting. Keep it about the contestants not the platform for air time for wanta be politicians. Brandy is by far the better dancer.

  8. Theresa says:

    I have to say this is the worst DWTS season. It has been a waste of my time week after week, so i’ll quit watching. Shame on ABC for the stupid way this whole thing is put together. We would never know what really would have been. Again shame on ABC.

  9. Toni Miestic says:

    Palin only made the finals because of her Mom and the tea party.
    Brandy should have made it. This was the most upsetting elimination I’ve seen in 8 years. That is why I will never watch Dancing with the stars again and I hope more people feel as I do. We should boycott the show next year. palin winning is a joke.
    My hear goes out to Brandy and Max they truly deserved to go to the finals. Hey People why bother watching or voting next week – Palin will probably win.

  10. Debi says:

    Bristol Palin should be absolutely ashamed of herself. This girl just plain can not dance. This is a dance competition not a “gee wiz I try so hard” competition. She should have been voted off the island long ago. Everyone, yes everyone works hard, but this should be about competence. Footwork, degree of difficulty, carriage, poise, characterization and entertainment value should be the scoring criteria, not a bunch of yahoos trying to throw their weight around to show how “powerful” they are. Does she have no self respect? Is she not bright enough to realize that she has no talent? If she had any class at all she would just go home, take care of her son and fade away into the Alaskan wilderness.

  11. Kenny says:

    Your so right on the money, but you could pose the questions, hey, didn’t Brandy score more points than Kyle, why isn’t anyone angry that he is still on but Brandy isn’t? What makes Kyle different from Bristol besides the whole GOP, tea party Sarah Palin thing?

  12. Sharon says:

    Brandy was ROBBED. Bristol is a spoiled brat who is getting somewhere on her mothers coattails, not her talent. She has definitely gotten better, but in no way does she even belong in a competition with the others. What a disappointment.Not only is she not a very good dancer she has no personality at all and is boring to watch. I feel sorry for her partner. I hope they revamp the rules next year so this can’t happen again. I really want to see the best person win, not the one with the most popular mother.Democrats unite and VOTE for the best dancer!

  13. anne says:

    I think the judges should be the ones to pick the winner. the audience have no idea what takes good dancing. Why bother having the show if you put through the worst dancers. They got it right with Jennifer.

  14. J says:

    Jennifer Grey Responds To ‘Dancing’ Judges’ Harsh Criticism Tags:
    Dancing With the Stars,ABC,Reality TV,TV,Carrie Ann Inaba,Derek Hough,Shaun Robinson,Kyle Massey,Bruno Tonioli,Jennifer Grey,More Tags… PRINT
    Buzz up!on Yahoo!ShareThis enlarge


    ABCJennifer Grey and Derek Hough on “Dancing with the Stars,” Oct. 25, 2010

    derk jenDerek Hough dips Jennifer Grey during their paso doble on “Dancing with the Stars,” Oct. 25, 2010
    Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough perform an intense paso doble on “Dancing with the Stars,” Oct. 25, 2010
    ABCJennifer Grey and Derek Hough perform an intense paso doble on “Dancing with the Stars,” Oct. 25, 2010

    hottest galleries
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    more galleries FIRST PUBLISHED: October 26, 2010 4:36 PM EDT
    LOS ANGELES, Calif. –
    Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough tumbled to their lowest spot on the “Dancing with the Stars” leaderboard – fifth place overall – on Monday night, and the “Dirty Dancing” star told Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson why it happened.

    “What was going on was that I was having so much adrenaline from the dance and feeling so good and then I had like that teetering over that edge, like loosing my balance [thing happen],” Jennifer said. “So, that was the crushing disappointment.”

    While Jennifer had a few missteps during her paso doble to Pink’s “So What,” she said the judges’ comments were the toughest part of the night.

    “It was like adding insult to injury,” Jennifer said of remarks including Carrie Ann Inaba’s quip: “You’re like the chosen one and yet, something is going terribly wrong and you’re going down hill.”

    “It’s was like it’s bad enough to lose your footing, but then to have someone tell you about what a terrible disappointment you are?” Jennifer said trailing off.

    While Jennifer and Derek earned just 20 out of a possible 30 points for their paso doble – the second lowest first round score on Monday — Jennifer pointed out that the steps she and Derek showed off on the floor weren’t easy.

    “I have to say, we have really hard choreography, we’re really going out there on a limb,” she said. “We’re being ambitious and we’re working hard and we’re putting it out there and for that I am proud.”

    Carrie Ann contributed just 6 points to Jennifer and Derek’s total score. By contrast, she gave both Kyle Massey and Bristol Palin, two competitors who have landed toward the bottom of the leaderboard or close to elimination at various points throughout the competition, 8’s.

    The judge later took to Twitter to attempt to justify her critique of Jennifer, who she told to “calm down a little bit,” and added “you’re way out of control,” hours later.

    “I do have to judge everyone the same and part of what I judge on is based on their own abilities. Sometimes when someone is GREAT and … they make a smaller falter, it shows up more obviously than when someone is not great all around,” Carrie Ann Tweeted. “Jennifer Grey is a wonderful dancer… however, she danced about a 7 then she lifted her foot – all due to being a bit out of control. She’s a gorgeous dancer- just not her night.”

    Backstage after the show, Jennifer told Shaun that she believes she’d get fair and good scores from the judges if she hit all the moves in the ballroom, but she suggested they went overboard with their comments on Monday (Judge Bruno Tonioli said of their paso doble: “You got the rage right, it was like a woman at the edge of a nervous breakdown.”)

    “If I did a perfect dance they’d have to give me good scores and good comments, but it wasn’t perfect. So they have [a] picnic. You know, they are like ‘Whoooo!’ We get to like take her down! Take Baby down! Let’s take Baby down.’”

    Jennifer continued to explain to Shaun that she’s got the inner strength to stomach the criticisms should they continue to come her way.

    “I can take it… I say bring it! Bring it,” she laughed.

    “Wait a minute,” Derek chimed in. “Don’t bring it… Please don’t bring it!”

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    Lacey and Kyle, Bristol and Mark, Brandy and Maks on “Dancing,” Nov. 2010
    Lacey Schwimmer and Kyle Massey, Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas, Brandy and Maksim Chmerkovskiy, and Jennifer Grey with Derek Hough on “Dancing,” Nov. 15, 2010
    Gilles Marini on Access Hollywood Live (left), Bristol Palin, Mark Ballas on “Dancing” (right), Nov. 2010
    Was Portia de Rossi Afraid To Date Ellen DeGeneres?
    Bristol Palin ‘Thrilled’ Over ‘Dancing’ Judges’ Comments (November 15, 2010)
    Semi-Final Round Ends In Shocking Elimination On ‘Dancing With The Stars’
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    Gilles Marini On Why Bristol Palin’s Still ‘Dancing’:‘It Becomes More Like A Popularity Contest’
    Ellen DeGeneres Says Portia De Rossi ‘Might Be Doing ‘Dancing With The Stars’
    Bristol Palin To Her ‘Dancing’ Naysayers: ‘Thanks For Hating On Me!’

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    Jessica Milton Wrote 1 minute ago Just making corrections 10th line misusing authority and18th line hindering. Thank You Jessica Milton Wrote 1 minute ago I just finish watching Dancing with the Stars. I am from Colorado. My name is J. And all I wanted to do is “scream”! there is no way that Bristol and Mark should have made it to the finals. Even Mark could not keep a straight face towards the judgement panel. As usual unnecessary poltical B.S. So I guess it is o.k. and politically correct to be political (flaky) at the most simplest innocent competition. Dance. How the hell can you cheat in dancing. I have nothing against Bristol ,but, I am not to crazy about her mother. This should not have been treated as an election. This is not fair and I do not think that any high political figure should participate. It is a conflict of interest and they have an advantage to reach the masses. How can I take these high political figures seriously if there is no separation between them and use. What is the difference. They do not respect their position and hold themselves accountable and take there own positions seriously. I feel they are misusing there authority. I guess anything goes. That is B.S. the best man or woman win and the strongest man or woman should win. Isn’t that the american way to be fair. Unless you are in a situation that you have no choice but to be ruthless like war. Other then that there is absolutely no excuse. As a result I will not be watching Dance with the Stars any more. What is the point of watching. My family and I were dedicated fans every season. I respect the dancers and judges. Whats the point if nonone is going to support what is right. I respect highly performancing arts. And that is one field that it is impossible to manipulate to your advantage either you are damn good or bad and just horriably awful. I hope others will follow and add on to this comments and I hope possibly the Judges and Dancers see this. I am disppointed and I think it hindering Dancing with the Stars. Instead of helping and inspiring others to dance. Whats the point when you can allow people that should not be clearly on the show. Thank You

  15. darl says:

    So… We have Dancing with the Stars.. Where does Bristol fit into “stars”? Seems to me her only claim to fame is being the daughter of a “was” governor and a preg single teen. How far has ABC fallen? How much fan base are they willing to give up to succumb to the “tea party”? Count me out for future years of DWTS if this continues.

  16. Lois Jackson says:

    It sure looks like something strange is happening to allow Bristol to stay, and for Brandy to be eliminated. What I want to know is why the phones for Brandy were ‘blocked/busy’ from the moment she first danced until past 1:30am in the morning??? Either Brandy was getting lots and lots of votes OR she wasn’t getting any because no one could get through. Am I the only person experiencing this problem???

  17. MARIE says:


  18. kaysunlakes says:

    I agree that DWTS is a talent competition and not supposed to be based on political personalities…this result is shameful.

  19. bonnie says:

    DWTS has turned into one big joke. Instead of talent it’s disolved into nothing but a popularity contest. Brandy had no business being eliminated any more than Bristol had a moving on to the finals. I’m so disgusted I’m no longer planning on watching. Let the judges judge. Having the viewers vote is absurd. It’s unfair to those who really deserve to win.

  20. bonnie says:

    DWTS has sadly degenerated into a joke. No longer can it be considered a talent contest with high standards but rather a unfair popularity contest . Bristol may be sweet but has absolutely no business going to the finals. Brandy was duped and it’s sad to see someone with talent like hers get eliminated by an unqualified voters. Let the judges, judge and let DWTS get back to being a talent show. Won’t matter to me as I’m so annoyed I’m no longer planning on watching.

  21. bob says:

    I have thought for quite some time that someone was manipulating the voting on dancing with the starsm tonites result show confirms my belief. this is a travisty for the show. bristol palin should have been voted off weeks ago. but my real fear is that if this type of electronic manipulation can happen on a t.v. show what about somthing like an election….

  22. Cheryl Karam says:

    A travesty! Bristol should have been eliminated weeks ago. It is obvious she is not a dancer. Although Bristol has worked hard and made improvements, whatever or whoever keeps her on the show is not allowing the real talent to move forward. I am disappointed in how unfair it has become and may not continue to watch. It is difficult to watch someone as deserving as Brandy be eliminated. When down to four contestants, the judges need to have more of an input; after all, it is a dancing competition. Yes, Derek, we were all as shocked as you and I’m sad for Brandy as she deserves to be there. She has also worked hard, made improvements and has shown grace and dignity under pressure. She has taken the judges suggestions and worked to improve and has become a real dancer! Politics has now even taken over our entertainment programs and may have ruined the best entertainment we’ve had in years. The look on Bristol’s face said it all; even she knows this is a travesty!

  23. Cabomama says:

    Why is it that people cannot accept that someone won because of what they have accomplished – instead it becomes a political thing, which I am very sick of hearing about. I have no political affiliation but feel that Bristol has risen up because she was not a star and came onto this show not knowing how to dance. She is the one I felt has made the most progress and for someone that is slammed every week, she has kept her chin up and kept going. You could see from the beginning how the other stars and judges turned a cold shoulder to her from the beginning. The show approached her, she did not approach the show. She certainly has come the farthest in her dancing ability and I respect her for that. I think Brandy was voted off because of her partner’s attitude. I am not sure why the guy is still on – just seems to be a favorite – he really cannot dance, a chubby guy that goes out there and wiggles around and people think that is cute. Jennifer is a great dancer but has too much attitude – and whines about her aches and pains. I tried to vote for Bristol, but the phone line kept disconnecting me – probably something political, right?

  24. Walt says:

    It’s obvious to me what is going on. DWTS has lost control and is no longer a viable talent show. The sad thing is that talented people are loosing out to someone whose only talent lies with her political affiliation. I was a loyal viewer but now consider the show a waste of my time. Further, I have to seriously consider supporting any sponsor of such a travesty as this show has become.

  25. Jonathan Parletta says:

    Travesty? Robbery? Unfair? Conspiracy? Lighten up people. It is a TV show. TV. If it was a just a dance contest, 75% of the people on the show would never even be asked to participate. Part of the fun is to see how far the non-dancers can get. Stop complaining and enjoy the show. You sound ridiculous. Jennifer deserves it but I picked Kyle from show 1 and he’s going to take it!

  26. Jenny Vasquez says:

    i like bristol. she seems real nice and she makes me think that maybe i can dance like that if i take lessons bcuz i’m a little fat like she is. i vote for her evry time. go bristol!

  27. Spinman says:

    It is Jennifer Grey and Derek who should be ashamed. Jennifer’s pissed off face and Derek’s open jaw just turned me off. Bristol may not be a statr but they asked her to be on the show. She has gotten this far because America likes an underdog and sticks up for those that are bullies. It’s between Bristol and Kyle simply because Jennifer pissed off to many people. Kyle takes home the trophy!

  28. showstopper says:

    I always root for the underdogs. I was pulling for Fox until he got booted. Now Kyle. But if Kyle goes, then it’s Bristol for me. But after reading many of the posts above, I guess I must have a problem. Or I’m not watching the show the right way? Or doing something else wrong because I don’t want Brandy or Jennifer to win? Funny, it doesn’t feel wrong. I’m having a great time watching the show. Why waste any energy being miserable? And then posting to try to make others miserable? Don’t get it. Turn the show off if the only way you can enjoy it is if it goes exactly the way you want it to. Go Kyle!

  29. Sexxilicious says:

    This is obviously a political season and the results prove it. One commentor asked “why are we on bristol and not on kyle since brandy has scored higher than him also” my answer to that obvious bristol supporter is that KYLE CAN DANCE! I mean yea he is a big guy, but at least he has more motion, connection, personality, and performance than Bristol and face the music the guy has shown marked improvement from week 1, not the repeat less that mediocre improvement that Bristol has. Brandy was cheated and as such Bristol has been last for weeks running any other season such a person would have been gone already, Why is she still here despite being the obvious weak link! I have lost all faith in the democracy of the show DWTS and I kind of already predict that I kno the outcome and such an outcome would be ludicrous. This season has sucked from the time Sarah Palin showed face on the show and is no longer a true measure of its original plan. To take stars who arent professional dancers, pair them with professionals and show what goes in to becoming a truely remarkable dancer from the start of practice…. not the plugs on beautiful alaska, on sara palin and family, not the crocodile tears and whining about trying oh so hard when it isnt visible to the viewing public that you are even improving!

    Farse!!! That is all i will say….

  30. pat m says:

    I can’t believe that Brandy got eliminated.As far as who should have left, it should have been between Kyle or Bristol. I don’t dislike Bristol, she’s came a long way, but she’s not as good as the other three. It’s like a political statement instead of a dance competition. This shows that the public should not pick when they get to the final four. This is not a popularity contest, it’s a dance contest, I thought. The public is stupid. It was alright to give people a chance at the beginning but when it gets to the end people should vote for the best dancer, not who they like. The judges are not any better. They picked on Kurt Warner from the very first show and not Bristol and she was a lot worse than him.The judges should tell them what they did wrong without being so mean, especially at the beginning.I have always had a problem getting in to vote. If I do get in all I get to do is vote once or twice and then it tells me I’ve voted as much as I can. I think this season has become more political than a dance contest. I don’t blame Bristol because she’s innocent. She is defined as her mothers daughter than who she is on her own. I have watched every season because I love to watch dance but I will not watch the show anymore unless they change the way the voting works when it gets down to the final four. People are not professionals. They should not make the decisions. This is becoming a reality show instead of a dance competition. Unless I hear that something has change, I will not watch this show again.

  31. Jessica says:

    The scoring for Dancing with the Stars is based on judges scores and votes from viewers. Why not let viewers see the actual numbers of viewers who vote for each contestant? Show us the numbers that put someone who consistently is at the bottom of the leader board in the finals. What is the formula?

  32. showstopper says:

    Well, at least you admit that you have issues with Sarah Palin, which I would submit is coloring your opinion of her daughter. If Bristol’s elevation by her fan base was unique to this season, there might be something in all of the silly consipiracy theories being spouted by disgruntled fans. But it isn’t unique. Every season there are pretenders that become contenders because of fan voting. It’s part of the show. Cast aside your ill will toward her mom and enjoy the show again! Go Kyle!

  33. Marta says:

    I believe the show producers owe the public and celebrities of this season a big apology. Palin lacks so much on dancing skills that it is insulting to the remaining celebrities that took time off of their careers and pursue DWTS. A true disgrace. I have followed the competition for over 5 seasons and last night was the last night I devoted to the show. I am a dancer and I am very disappointed on what the show and their producers have allow it to become… pure deception. Even American Idol has the mechanism to pull back contestants that they felt were wrongly voted. This has a lot to say about the business/customer mentality of the show and its producers. Total disrespect to the viewers.

  34. Pat Pineau says:

    Hey ABC, Is it not enough that your voting systme is fixed? Now this! I pick up y phone to call in a vote and got “You have reached your limit on this line” or something to that effect. Ten minutes late I used the same phone line and voted 4 times. Same results with my cell ohone and my sister gets the same thing. SO how is all those supposed votes for Bristol Palin are getting in? Personally I think it is time that “Dancing with the Stars” takes a hike right off the air. Every season its something else. Florence Henderson should never have been voted off before those two left footed male dancers. Now we have Brandy removed because Bristol got more votes? Come on. We are not all stupid. Your judges should also be removed or replaced. Same thing every season. They pipck one dancer they like and then influence the watching audience. I know it is my last year watching this BS

  35. Slammindoor says:

    You mean Bristol could actually win without any experience, any knowledge, or any right to it? Wait…that’s Obama I was thinking about. Go get’em Bristol.

  36. Sharon S. says:

    There’s no way Bristol deserves to be in the finals. Relate to her? For what, having a baby as a a teen & being unwed? Whatever! The point is she may have improved but she’s still a lousy dancer and she’s ruined one of my favorite shows. I do not plan to watch any more even though I love Jennifer Grey. It all makes me very sad.

  37. maryanne margolis says:

    The Bristol/brandy outcome should tell the producers thaty political celebrities should never be on the show again or DWTS will come to a shameful end.

  38. serene says:

    I think it is such a travesty that Brandy was voted off. Nothing against Bristol but she lacks charisma, personality and dancing skills. I think that DWTS should bring Brandy back and Bristol should graciously drop out. I will not watch the show anymore because of what happened.

  39. edithwicks says:

    all of you no watches will be back next year to watch all over again….it is a great show…why so upset trophy is going to BABY…she is by fall the best and everyone knows it…..go jennifer

  40. Eqop1 says:

    Voting was uniqely swayed by the execs with their packetts on the stars lives leaving you to believe that Palin was the most deserving over Brandy. Palin supporters have been hoodwinked.

  41. Jeanine says:

    I hope all of you Bristol haters stop watching–then Bristol can win! To those of you who say Bristol isn’t a “star”–well look back over the past 10 seasons and see how many people weren’t “stars”–Kelly Osbourne won, and her claim to fame was her father. Do any of you think it’s fair for people such as Bristol to be judged the same as professional actors and dancers? This young woman had never performed in her life, yet, through hard work, intelligence and ability managed to get 9s from the judges in her last performances. I studied dance and I can tell you that her footwork is impeccable. Most of the hatred for Bristol is because you hate her mother. How would you like it if you were hated because someone didn’t like your relatives? As for the pregnancy, how many times does she have to say that she made a horrible mistake–that she trusted the wrong person? She travels the country trying to tell teens why they should wait and the adverse affects of having a child so young and out of wedlock. Which of you females out there haven’t been lied to and used by a male?
    I hope Bristol DOES win. Not because I care one way or another who wins the show, but I’m going to so enjoy knowing how miserable all of you will be because someone you don’t even know wins a stupid dancing award, that in the scheme of life, means absolutely NOTHING. Your hatred and spite says so much about YOU. Think about it.

  42. bob h says:


  43. Betty Jones says:

    Come on everyone ABC evidently put her on the show for ratings because the show is called dancing with the STARS. When did she become a star. ABC you need to fire someone because she should have nver been put on the show. what is happening here is ashame.

  44. Bill Piper says:

    As Mark the dancer voted off last night said his parents came to this country because they had the power to vote…………That is what it has always been, many of the finalists and even winners made it because of the popular vote that put them thru rather than their dancing…..I agree Brandy should have made it but those running the show purposely put Palin against Brandy so as to create a situation. it is SHOW BUISNESS

  45. BEV M says:


  46. Lorelee says:

    Interesting, but you know this is really what DWTS is about. Taking a person who has never danced and watch them improve weekly. Brandy has a musical background, did videos dancing, Jennifer is from a musical background, danced in Dirty Dancing, really Kyle or Bristol are the only ones who should win!! This is what the show should be about.

  47. pat kanous says:

    i have been a fan of dancing with the stars from day one but what a disappointment last nights show was.. anyone with eyes in their head could see that brandy is twice the dancer that stiff legged bristol will ever be. and if i find out that this is politically motivated, how very disappointed i shall be in sarah palin whom i have been a fan since day one also. if i am right and i hope not, i shall have becomean ex-fan of dancing with the stars and sarah palin. what a sad state our country has become.

  48. Caiti says:

    and Jennifer Grey is a star???-she got a part in a movie 30 years ago, oh, and by the way,it was a dancing part—kind of an edge in a dancing competition isn’t it—-she thinks she is all that and so does Brandy—-they both deserve to be voted off—-nothing but nice words from Bristol and Kyle–and the judges should not invite anyone back just to see their freestyle because they didnt get what they want—seems bias—you can invite Brandy back but you cant apologize to Michael Bolton

  49. debra says:

    next season they should get 1 or a couple of girls from ’16 and pregnant’ to become a star palin is only still there because of the ‘tea party’ and her mothers political influence, she couldnt have that many friends to vote every week. as for jennifer gray, wow does she ever stop whining, if she is in that much pain then stop.

  50. Chrisitna says:

    Wow this is amazing. It is a televison show not the end the world. If you didn’t like the cast then why the hell are guys watching? As for a political agenda I have not once heard anything about how I should become a Sarah Palin follower. And bashing Bristol because ABC asked her to be a part of the show is just crazy. There have been a lot of people on this show that aren’t true stars. If you are in the news or have been you are fair game and everyone knows it. If you all are so pissed about her staying then ask yourself this…Did you pick up the phone and vote for your favorites? If not then it’s your fault people got sent home. And get real, this has never been just about the dancing its about popularity also. That’s just how it is.

  51. deb surace says:

    good luck palin

  52. James says:

    I have always enjoyed the show, but about ready to stop watching. I don’t understand the voting system. What percentage is the judges vs fans? Bristol has worked hard, has improved her dancing, but let’s be clear, she does not dance nearly as well as Brandy. If this is only a popularity contest, then eliminate the judges scores. Just have them give pointers and constructive criticism. Most seasons, only the best dancers go to finals, but this year not so. If Bristol wins, my wife and I are done with the show. I don’t love Brandy, but her scores have always been superior. Oh and for the record, we’re both Republicans!

  53. carolyn says:

    Don’t we have enough politics in this country without it becoming part of DWTS. It has been reported that Sarah Palin has instructed the tea party on how to vote and how many times. Bristol should have been off the 2nd week. How can you compare her to Brandy. I think it is the judges fault also for giving her such high marks. If she wins, I am going to stop watching the program. This is a talent competion not a political contest. The producers should have thought about this before she was picked. And how is she a star -
    she had a baby out of wedlock and is a teen advocate – not a star. I hope Sarah will be happy if she wins especially since she fixed the voting and people were voting for her not her daughter. Jennifer Gray deserves to win.

  54. Rosanna says:

    my 7 years granddaughter and I are fan of DWT, But last night we were hurt, I had to tell her again and again that Bristol was not a good girl, she should not think her as a model. What the show wants to lead young girls? Being someone like Bristol????

  55. Disappointed with the whole thing!!!!!. says:

    I thought this was a talent show to see who could dance and improve thru out the season, not a popularity contest, Some of these viewers that are voting must be blind to realize that brandy danced a whole lot better then Bristol Palin. I have nothing against Bristol but come on she was not the better dancer!!!!!

  56. Sam Flynn says:

    Bristol Palin stinks, she has no dancing ability what so ever. How did she get this far. It would be a crying shame to see Derek and Jennifer lose this tropy with their wonderful talent, and see it go to Bristol. I tried voting for Brandy all night long and couldn’t get through. what’s up with that. shame on the palins . Hope they can sleep at night. I would like to think that the voting system was an honest process, and not rigged for more political gain.

  57. Alle says:

    Everyone on DWTS is a has-been or wanna be, but at least they are in a star-lined category. Bristol Palin is neither. She has NO talent, NO personality and CANNOT dance. This is the first season where the low man gets in line for the prize. They must be using the same voting machines that we have for elections. If they are judging performance, something is amiss. If Bristol was truly “dancing,” why is she still sporting a 36 inch waistline? It’s over for me.

  58. Bernard says:

    I think Brandy should have won this year. However, now that she is gone I am hopeful that Bristol wins. Jennifer Gray is annoying and Kyle is no different then Bristol. When you vote strongly for one person, example Jennifer, another person feels the lower votes, example Brandy. Good Luck Bristol & Kyle!

  59. julie says:

    the definition of underdog is a person in a competition who is not expected to win. at this point, everyone knows palin is going to win. she is hardly an underdog. it is a popularity contest which is what anything involving public voting is. it’s been that way throughout history and i don’t see it changing anytime soon. personally, i don’t see much difference in bristol since she started. i’ve never enjoyed watching her stiff moves and she always looks like she isn’t enjoying herself. i think jennifer is a great dancer and i don’t get why she’s being called a whiner. i’d like to see you guys dance with metal plates in your neck and horrible back pain! the fact that she’s stayed with it is impressive. i never really like brandy. she annoyed me but i don’t think she deserved to be kicked off at all! kyle is becoming my favorite. he’s the only one on the show who makes me want to get up and dance!

  60. Mary Ann says:

    Perhaps Bristol was asked to be on the show so “Hollywood” and elitists could mock her. It didn’t work. She has shown an amazing determination and positive attitute. America will continue to vote for “one of their own” someone who is like them and to whom they can relate. It is not political, it is in the genes, she is much like her mother.

  61. Diann says:

    It is very unfair to criticize Bristol for beating out Brandy. How many times on DWTS have we seen someone less talented but perhaps better liked or more of a personality take over the top spot desersvant or not. This show is all about putting yourself out in public view and working from the ground floor up to become the best dancer you can be and hopefully win the support of the audience. Obviously Bristol did a better job of that than did Brandy, regardless of who is the better dancer. I do not think that Bristol is riding on Sarah’s coattails. It is Bristol who has chosen to train to the extent they have to, and to be viewed and praised or criticized by the viewing public. There have been other participants on DWTS that made it further along in the contest strictly because they were either a sports figure,a TV personality or a singer. Like it or not thats the way it is. Its like voting for your daughter to win a pageant even though she may not be the most qualified. I think the Palin’s have been victimized and criticized becauce of their political stance and the tremenduous effort and successes that Sarah Palin has had in the political arena. She is working to bring us back to the basics of life and of government and whether you agree with her or not, do not fault Bristol for working for and achieving something that is very foreign to her. And – enough of the teen, un-wed mother stuff. All of you that drag this on under the guise of not wanting your children to be exposed to the morality issue of the incident or not wanting your daughters to look up to her, need to look within your own family, your friends and neighbors. I do not believe there is a family out there that has not been affected in some way by an unwed, teen mother. God forbid, it should ever happen to those who damn Bristol. How Christian of you. – You know, “By the Grace of God go I”. I applaud the Palin’s for their support and love for Bristol and having helped her through a very difficult time. Bristol has become a spokesperson on the issue of teen pregnancy and she might just be the one that your daughter, granddaugher, neice or friend would listen to. Has anyone delved into the lives of Brandy or any of the other dancers who have “so wrongly been voted” off DWTS. EVERY SINNER HAS A FUTURE AND EVERY SAINT HAS A PAST. Diann

  62. Angie says:

    Thank you Bristol for being a role model for my 2 girls. I appreciate that you have humility and grace. You aren’t boastful. You haven’t started dieting extensively. My girls have enough people in public making issues of girls NOT having “stick figure” bodies. Thank you again.

  63. Madi says:

    Go Bristol!!!! You deserve to be the Champ! You have evolved into a Performer.

  64. Tica says:

    America has voted!! It was time for narcissistic brandy to be voted off. Bristal has improved greatly and I look forward to watching her in the finals. And for all the haters, did you use your voting calls???

  65. Leann says:

    My eleven season love affair with Dancing With the Stars has ended. The thought that Bristol Palin survived as long as she did is astounding. The fact that she remains and Brandy is gone is an abomination. This is clearly not a talent show; more like the Florida presidential election of 2000 revisited. I have better ways to spend my time.

  66. BrandyFTW says:

    I think Bristol time was when Brandy was eliminted END OF STORY!!

  67. Cliff Weaver says:

    I can’t believe those who say Bristol can’t dance. However neither Bristol or Kyle deserve to be in the finals. Personally I wish people would vote for who dances the best.

  68. Mary Gustafson says:

    I have read all of the above and never had such a time laughing. The ones who say that Bristol has no talent and in the same sentence says that Kyle should win, when it is so obvious who has the most TALENT, Jennifer. But you still want Kyle to win because he is so “cute”. How many times has a clumsy football player gone on and someone who has real talent been voted off? This is the way it has always been and just because your favorite didn’t get to stay, you are never going to watch DWTS again, oh boo hoo!!!!!

  69. underthebus says:

    I love this controversy! The rules of the show are exactly the same as they were in season 1. The judges vote and criticize the dancers, and then the viewers vote. Judges weigh in at 50% and voters 50%. Bristol is taking too much personal criticism for this. She is known for one reason, that she was the pregnant daughter of Sarah Palin. Well, who do you think elevated THAT story into the media? It certainly wasn’t the Tea Party or the Republicans! It was the liberal media trying to find another reason to spank shame on Sarah Palin and her family. Well, here is Bristol, now getting more votes than the others. Liberals elevated her to a celebrity, now they don’t like what they did. Cudos if Bristol wins, but still the best dancer truly is Jennifer, and everyone including Bristol knows it! Leave Bristol alone, she did nothing to deserve the harsh criticism and rude comments. You made her the celebrity which she is, and frankly she is handling it better than most of the negative commenters

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