Bristol Palin Dancing with the Stars Freestyle Finals: Will Bristol Palin Win DWTS? (Video)

watch bristol palin dancing with stars finals freestyle video chicago
Watch Bristol Palin's Dancing with the Stars freestyle video

Watch Bristol Palin’s Dancing with the Stars freestyle finals performance will Bristol Palin win DWTS?

Bristol Palin’s DWTS freestyle dance was to Chicago’s “Cell Block Tango.” How do you think she did?

Bristol’s nervous because it’s from the Broadway show Chicago… she’s a little on edge about the haters waiting for her to fail.

Bristol Palin wants to put it out there and not have any regrets. Good attitude, girl.

Bristol stars off in a jail cell, and her freestyle dance props include chairs, bowler hats and a long red scarf.

Bruno said it’s an iconic number and said it all has to be expressed through the face and body. He said she did very well, but not quite at the level this song requires.

Carrie Ann asks “Did I just see Bristol Palin dancing in a cage?” She gives Palin a lot of credit, but says it’s such a stylized type of dancing and it’s hard to live up to, but she’s proud of her.

Bruno said it’s hard to copy a dance you’ve seen so many times, but says it was fantastic.

Bristol Palin’s Dancing with the Stars finals performance doesn’t seem like enough for her to win the DWTS mirror ball trophy, but you never know if the Palin supporters can push her to the top!

The judges scored her 8-9-8.

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