Bristol Palin Dancing With The Stars: Is Bristol Treated Unfairly On DWTS Because Her Mom Is Sarah Palin?

Bristol Palin Dancing with the Stars
Is Bristol Treated Unfairly On DWTS Because Of Who Her Mom Is?

Bristol Palin has beat the odds and made it to the finals on Dancing With The Stars! Many people believe that Brandy should have been the one to stay last night and go on to the DWTS final instead of Bristol, but the votes are in and the viewers have spoken.

What is the real problem that people have with Bristol Palin making it to the Dancing With The Stars final? Is it because they believe she truly doesn’t deserve to be there? Or is Bristol Palin treated unfairly by some DWTS fans because her mom is Sarah Palin?

Viewers may not be Sarah Palin fans, but that doesn’t mean that they should make fun of an 20-year old girl because of who her parent happens to be. If this were any other 20-year old girl on Dancing With The Stars, would she be getting the same criticism?

Bristol Palin has had quite a journey on Dancing With The Stars, and though her dancing skills haven’t been as perfect as some of the other contestants, she has worked hard and she has come a long way from the first show.

Doesn’t she deserve the benefit of the doubt for managing the demands of being a teen single mom, being on Dancing With The Stars when she is not used to being on TV, and for doing the best she can?

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