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Bristol Palin Dancing with the Stars Rumba "Umbrella" (Video)

By WendyM |

watch bristol palin dancing with the stars rumba umbrella video

Watch Bristol Palin's Dancing with the Stars rumba performance

Watch Bristol Palin’s Dancing with the Stars Rumba performance to “Umbrella” in this video clip.

During the rehearsal, Bristol Palin said she was nervous about being sexy, and Mark shows off the sensual zones versus the trashy areas. Good to know.

Bristol Palin’s Dancing with the Stars rumba is a “make it or break it” performance, according to Palin. And she’s right.

Bonus points for Bristol Palin showing off her cute little boy Tripp, as she’s seen playing with him and she and Ballas perform the rumba for the kid, who offers up a high five for Mark.

Watching Bristol Palin’s Dancing with the Stars rumba performance, you can see she’s definitely not down with the sexy vibe – but sheesh, her mom, Sarah Palin, was in the audience tonight!

As for the judges’ scores and comments, it wasn’t great, with Bruno saying she’s doing okay technically, but he’s waiting for the performance, saying she goes vacant at points. Carrie Ann said she has all the makings of being good, but said there’s no effort and she wants to see her dance with much more intensity. Len said the performances lack a bit of conviction.

Bristol Palin’s DWTS rumba scores: 18 for technical, 14 for performance.

What did you think of Bristol’s Dancing with the Stars rumba?

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28 thoughts on “Bristol Palin Dancing with the Stars Rumba "Umbrella" (Video)

  1. richard says:

    she stinks

  2. Aaliyah says:

    damn mark is so sexy.
    and bristol palin needs to lose some weight!

  3. Sally says:

    How is that dancing? She does some baby step things, and wiggles her hips. This is more like a prelude to sex than any sort of dance. I hope she goes home tomorrow.

  4. thebob.bob says:

    Ew! Creepy.

  5. Sally says:

    Golly, there’s Piper missing yet another week of 4th grade…Wasilla must have a liberal attendance policy. Wonder if the truant officer’s been notified?

  6. vicky gammon says:

    It makes me so mad to hear someone say someone else needs to loose weight, this is a show about dancing and she was not the worst tonight.I am appalled someone would say those harsh mean cruel things.

  7. vicky gammon says:

    sounds like the obama campaign is watching the show

  8. john says:

    Can’t they at least take some of her clothes off, instead of his. IT would at least make it interesting!

  9. vicky gammon says:

    It sucks that you have to still try to put the Palins down.

  10. Arabella says:

    Does Piper ever go to school? Or just drop out to do transUSA book promo tours, Oprah, DWTS so she can be protected from prying lamestream media publicity, as her mother prefers?

    As for Bristol’s rumba? An embarrassment. But you gotta give the girl gutsy points for doing it on national TV. A dancer she ain’t.

  11. dcheetah says:

    I didn’t see any dancing there.

  12. alice says:

    Great job Bristol!! I see improvements every week.

  13. Katie says:

    Get a room!! That was not great dancing, just tacky. What happened to all the bragging she was doing about being the most modest person ever on dwts?

  14. Mal Sing says:

    Fantastic job, Bristol! You and Mark danced beautifully together tonight. A very sexy Rumba__as it should be. You are sexy Bristol!

  15. Bristol IsPreggers says:

    Bristol is doing well for someone with zero dance experience. Each week the dances are more challenging, and with her belly growing bigger each day, it will be interesting to see how they continue to dance without really dancing. She must be 16-20 weeks along by now.

  16. Barbo says:

    Would she still be competing if her name wasn’t Palin?

  17. Diogenes says:

    I thought she looked her prettiest tonight but that wasn’t much of a dance…a few simple steps and some suggestive moves. I give her g for guts and a wish for a good life.

  18. Angie says:

    Piper takes a plane to school daily? Or is she on sabbatical? As for big sis Bristol… Umm that was bedroom dance… Conservative girl in skimpy clothes… That’s hot!

  19. Robert says:

    I still don’t understand what makes Bristol a star. She’ll stay another week only because there are so many more poor dancers.

  20. Elvis Brock says:

    Bristol is beautiful, talented, alluring, and improving every week.

  21. COCONOelle says:

    I absolutely LOVE Bristol! What a sweet, young lady she is. Every week we are astounded by her grace, her pure, genuine grace. There are no contrivances here, no celebrity posturing, no fluff. She is the real deal and it is mesmerizing. I missed part of the show last night so I was glad to catch this video clip, here. I am amazed by the ease with which (it appears) Bristol learns all these challenging, uncomfortable steps and routines. The way she moves her feet and legs is really quite lovely…add her demure personality and lack of self-aggrandizement and you have a winner in my estimation!


  22. YEldridge says:

    OMG you guys are such HATERS!!! You all wish to be Bristol Palin you all losers

  23. helene says:

    why would anyone want to look like bristol, she is pregant again,the world will soon know. these grifters, her parents, need to go home and bring their children up right,not pimp them out to keep in the lime light. poor bristol,she must be as dumb as her mother and father. so sad.

  24. Just saying says:

    Seems like most of these comments are really judgmental against Sarah Palin by dumb liberals who do not have the looks, personality or grace of this young beautiful girl who, without any dancing or acting background, is doing so well. As far as the little sister, that is none of your business as to why she has been given leave from her school. This is an experience that no school will ever give her – so mind your own affairs. Incidentally, school was out in celebration of Columbus Day.

  25. Just saying says:

    Those of you who claim Bristol is pregnant — evidence? You know this factually? Those spouting those allegations are disgraceful and only judging Bristol on their own bad behavior.

  26. Louise says:

    Hey getting pregnant is what made her a “star”, so why not do it again? I think it would be a good career move.

  27. Titus says:

    Is that Bristol Palin’s “Walk of Shame” uniform she’s wearing?

  28. c says:

    its theatrical..very artistic..nice form..i wish them the best. no need to be rude n course cause she is bristol :P

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