Bristol Palin Dancing with the Stars Rumba "Umbrella" (Video)

watch bristol palin dancing with the stars rumba umbrella video
Watch Bristol Palin's Dancing with the Stars rumba performance

Watch Bristol Palin’s Dancing with the Stars Rumba performance to “Umbrella” in this video clip.

During the rehearsal, Bristol Palin said she was nervous about being sexy, and Mark shows off the sensual zones versus the trashy areas. Good to know.

Bristol Palin’s Dancing with the Stars rumba is a “make it or break it” performance, according to Palin. And she’s right.

Bonus points for Bristol Palin showing off her cute little boy Tripp, as she’s seen playing with him and she and Ballas perform the rumba for the kid, who offers up a high five for Mark.

Watching Bristol Palin’s Dancing with the Stars rumba performance, you can see she’s definitely not down with the sexy vibe – but sheesh, her mom, Sarah Palin, was in the audience tonight!

As for the judges’ scores and comments, it wasn’t great, with Bruno saying she’s doing okay technically, but he’s waiting for the performance, saying she goes vacant at points. Carrie Ann said she has all the makings of being good, but said there’s no effort and she wants to see her dance with much more intensity. Len said the performances lack a bit of conviction.

Bristol Palin’s DWTS rumba scores: 18 for technical, 14 for performance.

What did you think of Bristol’s Dancing with the Stars rumba?

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