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Bristol Palin Dancing with the Stars Tea Party Voting Conspiracy: DWTS Producer Says Voting is Fair

By WendyM |

bristol palin dancing with the stars tea party voting unfair conspiracy

Bristol Palin's Dancing with the Stars advancement: fair voting?

The Bristol Palin Dancing with the Stars voting conspiracy gained momentum over the last week, as websites noted that DWTS’ flawed online voting system was to blame for Bristol Palin advancing to the finals.

Dancing with the Stars’ executive producer Conrad Green assures DWTS viewers that no, there is no technical issue with the online voting system – it’s completely fair.

Bristol Palin haters pointed to the idea of a tea party voting conspiracy to explain how Palin could have advanced to the finals over Brandy. 

Despite reports that tea party voters were using bogus email addresses to vote hundreds of times for Bristol Palin, the producer explains there’s a system in place to throw out fraudulent votes.

The DWTS producer explains to the New York Daily News: “It’s possible to register lots of e-mail addresses, but the IP address identifies which computer sent it. If that does happen, we wipe out [those votes]. We have a number of security checks to identify people trying to multiple vote.”

You can read more about the Dancing with the Stars voting system here.

Do you think DWTS’ voting system is fair?

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0 thoughts on “Bristol Palin Dancing with the Stars Tea Party Voting Conspiracy: DWTS Producer Says Voting is Fair

  1. Pam says:

    Bristol needs to quit whinning, yes she has improved but not to the point of winning. Her Mom dis’s American Idol–she best keep quiet, her daughter is no STAR. If Bristol wins I will not watch Dancing with the stars. I watch to watch the beautiiful dances not watch everyone Baby SARAH”S whinning spoiled child. Is this political??

  2. why all the haters? says:

    from that first comment about bristol whinning, are you crazy?? the only time she even complained was finally last week because she was tired and missed her family. just like everyone else is doing. if you want to talk whinning what about jennifer. EVERY SINGLE WEEK, it is oh my boo boo this, oh my boo boo that. i started off wanting her to win and now i have wanted her voted off for weeks. it is amazing when she is not doing well it is bring in the dr’s, oh i cant go on, my knee, my toe…everyone i know is so tired of hearing it. she is the better dancer, no doubt! but to keep saying Bristol cannot dance at all makes you sound silly. the judges tell it like it is and they withheld the good scores until bristol earned them. it is amazing when jennifer does well the knee is a miracle healing. she can jump on it, twist…take it from an athlete if the knee is going, it goes. it does not get better with more practice. i could not believe when apollo ono came to see their dance for the team dance and the first thing jennifer says to an olympic champion when he asks to see the dance is, hi i need to take my 20 minute break now, i am tired. WHAT. OH MY! he had to be going are you kidding me. which he actually did say something like that.
    but the clincher was 2nite. i thought for sure that jennifer was going to win, and then for the free style they did the dance from dirty dancing! WHAT! we were stunned. we all sat here for like 2 minutes speechless. are you kidding me? i am so disappointed in derek. he is an awesome choreographer and they stole most of the dance from the movie. I mean really??? most of the dance was either from her dances from the movie, or other parts of the movie, i could not believe it. there is no way she deserves to win. especially now!! at least the others put it out there, and took risks. i like bristol but i believe kyle has a little edge, not on technique, but on presentation, so we are going for kyle. (as is brandi) she said she is going for kyle (bristol and she have become friends). kind of says something when the other dancers do not want jennifer to win. like maybe bad attitude.
    in the end, haters please stop. you do not have to like someone, but there is no room for this type of namecalling, conspiracy theory divisive behavior. it is ruining us. please, just be good sports, and may the best person win, not neccessarily the best experienced. this is america, jennifer may win, she probably will, but i will not hate her for it. i have all the episodes tivoed and all the dancers and stars seem to really like bristol. stop bringing politics into everything!
    Good luck to all!!!

  3. rigged? says:

    RIGGED maybe. but not for bristol. i decided after tonight and jennifer and derek doing the non original dirty dancing free style to vote for kyle. i like bristol too, but just based on tonight, i liked kyles. i called in and voted twice for kyle and then i pushed redial, and it answered “thank you for voting for jennifer and derek.” i was like are you kidding. is this how they are going to make jennifer win. i am trying to find out how to report it. i did it on my cell phone, so i can see the number i dialed and it was for kyle. i will be so disappointed if jennifer wins, i just think her attitude is terrible, and she has experience. either have experienced dancers on or amateurs. pick one. but the voting makes me nervous? i have to figure out how to report it. although no one probably cares as long as it is not bristol. this country has become so callous and mean. this is supposed to be america where dreams come true even for the little guy or the underdog. only if they are not conservatives i guess. equality does not count for everyone it seems. that is too bad.

  4. Nomi says:

    I’ve watched every season it’s been said many times that you can use more than one email address. On the site, when you’re done voting it asks you want to sign out and sign back in with another email address. If they limit email addresses by IP address, they should say so. I used to have 5 people living here; we all have more than one email address and we all have used them to vote. Never have we had a problem. If they are casting out votes based on IP address, they are doing so “behind people’s backs”. Is that what we now call fair, impartial, and honest? I think not. DWTS is quickly losing respect across this country.

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