Bristol Palin Dancing with the Stars Tea Party Voting Conspiracy: DWTS Producer Says Voting is Fair

bristol palin dancing with the stars tea party voting unfair conspiracy
Bristol Palin's Dancing with the Stars advancement: fair voting?

The Bristol Palin Dancing with the Stars voting conspiracy gained momentum over the last week, as websites noted that DWTS’ flawed online voting system was to blame for Bristol Palin advancing to the finals.

Dancing with the Stars’ executive producer Conrad Green assures DWTS viewers that no, there is no technical issue with the online voting system – it’s completely fair.

Bristol Palin haters pointed to the idea of a tea party voting conspiracy to explain how Palin could have advanced to the finals over Brandy. 

Despite reports that tea party voters were using bogus email addresses to vote hundreds of times for Bristol Palin, the producer explains there’s a system in place to throw out fraudulent votes.

The DWTS producer explains to the New York Daily News: “It’s possible to register lots of e-mail addresses, but the IP address identifies which computer sent it. If that does happen, we wipe out [those votes]. We have a number of security checks to identify people trying to multiple vote.”

You can read more about the Dancing with the Stars voting system here.

Do you think DWTS’ voting system is fair?

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