Bristol Palin Doing Even More Screen Time


candiefoundationtownhallmeetingteenpregnancy-ao-9t99wpxlBristol Palin has gone all Hollywood on us. The daughter of former vice-presidential candidate is currently in Los Angeles filming her acting debut.

The young mom will be playing herself on the drama The Secret Life of The American Teenager. And while she’s down there, she will also film two public service announcements about the ‘realities of teen pregnancy’. is reporting that the ads are being sponsored by the Candie’s foundation, “a non-profit organization that promotes abstinence and education on teen pregnancy.” The foundation’s mission is:

“The mission of The Candie’s Foundation is to educate America’s youth about the devastating consequences of teen pregnancy. We do this through celebrity-driven campaigns, which reach millions of teens each year with cutting-edge, entertaining ads that dramatically expose the realities of teen parenthood. By tapping into the dialogue that celebrities have with teens, we speak to them as peers and help shape the social script around teen parenthood. Our aim is to raise awareness, stimulate discussion, and motivate teens to protect themselves against pregnancy.”

And her filming was conveniently scheduled since mom Sarah made an appearance on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show during the family trip.


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