Bristol Palin Getting Another Reality Show? Will You Watch?

bristol palin dancing with the stars
Bristol Palin Getting Another Reality Show?

Bristol Palin may not have made her last reality TV show appearance. Ratings were super high for this season of Dancing With The Stars, and a lot of that has to do with the whole “Bristol Palin effect.” Whether they loved or hated her, people just couldn’t seem to get enough of Bristol Palin on DWTS.

Now that Dancing With The Stars is over, Bristol Palin may be getting another reality TV show gig. Friends of the Palin family say that there is a multi-million dollar offer for a reality show in the works, along with a book deal, and other endorsements.

Bristol Palin supposedly made a whopping $345,000 for her appearance on Dancing With The Stars…and she has the potential to make even more if the reality show comes to fruition.

Will you watch Bristol Palin on another reality show?

Photo: Pacific Coast News


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