Bristol Palin: "I Have to Find the Sexy in Me" for Next Week's DWTS

Bristol Palin dancing with the stars
Bristol Palin says she'll need to be sexy next week on DWTS

Bristol Palin, who vowed to keep her stint on Dancing with the Stars fairly conservative, has to channel her inner sex goddess for next week’s dance.  “I’m definitely nervous for next week, because I have to be sexy in the dance and I have to find the sexy in me,” she said after Tuesday’s elimination show.

Palin says she doesn’t weigh herself and hasn’t noticed any dramatic changes in her body except for more toned legs since joining DWTS, will sacrifice her physical insecurities to evade elimination another week.

“We’re doing the sexy dance next week, and I have to get into character,” she says. “Dressing sexy will help me get into character more. Next week, I’ll be dressing sexy. This is it.” Let’s tune in and see what “dressing sexy” means. Hopefully she won’t emulate Brooke Burke, who makes dressing sexy, rather than intelligently interviewing contestants, her job.