Bristol Palin Mark Ballas Dating? DWTS Palin, Ballas Say No to Dating Rumors (Video)

bristol palin mark ballas dating dancing with the stars dwts video
DWTS' Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas dating?

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas dating? Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas dating rumors surround the Dancing with the Stars couple, but they set the record straight.

Is Bristol Palin dating Mark Ballas?

In this interview video clip, it’s noted that the number one question asked of the DWTS couple is whether Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas are dating.

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas tell Access Hollywood that no, they aren’t dating… but they try to play along at first that yeah, they are. They’re engaged, they joke! 

While Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas aren’t dating, they say they do like to have a good time together. 

Other funny points in the interview, Maria Menounos asks what Bristol Palin thinks of Tina Fey’s impression of her mom, Sarah Palin… guess what? Bristol doesn’t think her mom has an accent. 

Oh boy…

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