Shocker! Bristol Palin NOT Sent Home on Dancing with the Stars

bristol palin dancing with the stars
Bristol Palin is safe for another week on Dancing with the Stars

Given Bristol Palin admitted to not voting in last week’s election, many thought her (presumably) largely Republican fan base keeping her on Dancing with the Stars each week might also forget to vote. For her. Not only was Palin not eliminated, she wasn’t even in the bottom two. Brandy (really, is she that famous she can get away with only one name?) and Kurt Warner had to duke it out for staying another week. And guess who won?

Brandy. And given she is the better dancer, that wasn’t a surprise. Warner was a gentleman even in defeat, noting that he learned a long time ago that winning isn’t the most important thing. So the question now is: will Palin outlast Brandy? I actually think Palin has done amazingly well given she had little to no dancing experience, unlike Brandy and Jennifer Grey. But should she win? No. Maybe DWTS needs a “Most Improved” category…