Bristol Palin: Sarah Palin Hasn't Forgiven Levi Johnston


The big news today has been that of Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston’s engagement. The pair, after a very rocky road, have come back together and are planning to walk down the aisle. But not all is good in the Palin family. Bristol admits her mom, Sarah Palin, hasn’t quite forgiven Johnston yet for his negative words and actions.

“With her, his actions will have to speak louder than words,” the 19-year-old mother of Tripp told People. “And he’ll have to get his education and a job and be willing to support Tripp the right way. And then I think she’ll come around.” Bristol elaborated and explained Johnston has to do more than be around his son when cameras are there, be financially responsible and supportive, and be a good example for Tripp.

And how does mom Sarah feel about it? She issued a statement saying she wants what is best for Bristol, but understands her now-adult daughter has the power and the right to decide what is best for her. “Bristol believes in redemption and forgiveness to a degree most of us struggle to put in practice in our daily lives,” she said. “We pray that, as a couple, Bristol and Levi’s relationship matures into one that will allow Tripp to grow up graced with two loving parents in his life.”

Well, Sarah definitely sounds skeptical, but Briston is confident the very controversial Johnston is indeed changing and maturing. “Like, he’ll change a diaper without me even having to tell him, or he’ll take him when I need a 15-minute break, or he’ll come over and help with Tripp, and all that stuff is just so much appreciated,” she said.

Hmm, aren’t all those things just expected of dads to begin with (as a bare minimum)? We guess it’s enough for Bristol, and maybe someday will be for Sarah, too.


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