Bristol Palin Takes 'Dancing' Advice From Kate Gosselin: Really?


Bristol Palin, who is participating in season 11 of Dancing With The Stars, has already admitted she’s not exactly talented when it comes to her footwork. But, the young mom has already come up with a strategy: Kate Gosselin.

That’s right: Apparently Palin, who became friends with Gosselin when the two families came together to film an episode of Gosselin’s TLC reality show, Kate Plus 8, will be relying on the DWTS alum to help her through the process. “Kate became close with the Palin faily whens he taped an episode of her TLC reality show with Sarah Palin,” a source told Popeater. “Since then, Bristol and Kate have become email pals and Kate is happy to give her lots of dancing advice. Kate wishes she had had a mentor to help her through the tough contest and is happy to help Bristol.”

Just one question: Did Palin actually see Gosselin on DWTS? The reality mom wasn’t what you would call coordinated, capable, or smooth on the dance floor, by any means. Gosselin was actually a bit of a train wreck when it came to her dancing attempts. But perhaps that just doesn’t matter to Palin. “Kate has told Bristol to sell the performance even if your feet are a mess,” a family friend said. “Remember to smile and don’t be afraid to beg people to vote. It’s not always the worst dancer that goes home. After all, it’s really a popularity contest rather than a dancing competition.”

Gosselin didn’t exactly succeed in the popularity aspect of the show, either–but perhaps Palin will learn from Kate’s mistakes?


Photo: Juan Sharma