Bristols Baby Daddy: Levis Earning Potential — "Not Particularly Good"


levi-johnston-photoIf Bristol Palin was looking for a sugar daddy for her and her offspring, she hooked herself up to the wrong wagon. Currently Bristol and Levi Johnson are in a legal battle over their son Tripp.  And Levi, he apparently ain’t a money making machine…

TMZ is reporting that Levi’s legal team has respsonded to the request from Bristol for $1750 a month in child support. But as Levi’s lawyer put it, his income is “erratic.” Although 2009 was a banner year for Levi with promotions, nuts ad and other appearances with him racking in a reported $105,000, in previous years his lawyers claim he only made $10,000 a year, at the most. 2010 isn’t looking very profitable for him at all. The documents even state:

“Levi Johnston stands before this court as a 19-year-old with good hopeful for an entertainment career but the chances of increased income are as unknowable as it would be for any young person working his way into the entertainment industry: not particularly good.”

Yeah, I don’t think Bristol will be getting that $1750 a month anytime soon.


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