Bristol's Number One 'Dancing' Fan: Sarah Palin

bristol palin
Bristol Palin after a DWTS rehearsal

Aw, how adorable. Dancing With The Stars contestant Bristol Palin has at least one person rooting her on no matter what: her mom. Sarah Palin is super supportive of her daughter’s position on the show–at least that’s what Bristol said. “She’s my number one cheerleader and I can’t wait for her to come watch the performances and just see me in a whole new light,” Bristol said about the show.

The 19-year-old will be competing with her professional partner, Mark Ballas, starting with the season premiere this coming Monday on ABC, and she has plenty of confidence in him. “[He’s] an amazing teacher and an awesome coach,” Bristol told And Ballas has already taught her to use “muscles that I’ve never used before.”

Though Ballas didn’t say anything about Bristol’s, er, talent, he did complement her on just being a part of DWTS at all. “She’s the prime example of what this show is all about,” Ballas said. “She’s never danced a day in her life. She’s a complete fish out of water.

Let’s hope Bristol’s mom, Sarah Palin, is better at rallying votes for her daughter on DWTS than she was for the 2008 Presidential election, when she was the Republican Vice Presidential candidate. Guess we’ll have to tune in next week to find out.


Photo: Jeff Steinberg