British Girl Anysha Panesar Named America's Perfect Teen: Wait, Is That Fair?

Anysha Panesar
Anysha Panesar was named America's Perfect Teen. But wait, she's British!

Anysha Panesar is gorgeous and outgoing and vivacious, all the qualities you’d want for an “America’s Perfect Teen” winner. Only one problem: She is not an American. Anysha Panesar is British, and as you might imagine, that’s got people in an uproar over this Florida beauty contest.

The 16-year-old Anysha entered the beauty contest in Kissimmee, Fla., while she and her parents were on vacation. She won over 30 other contestants, and her prize includes $2,000 cash plus an $18,000 scholarship.

Panesar, a private schoolgirl from Wales, says she did not expect to win because of her heritage, but she thinks the judges picked her because she stood out from the other girls.

“My mum was sitting there crying her eyes out and my dad didn’t know what to do with himself,” the beauty pageant veteran told the Daily Mail. “My grandparents were on the phone – they were all so proud.”

You may be seeing more of her soon she gets her own TV show as part of the deal. But do you think it’s fair for a British girl to be named “America’s Perfect Teen?” Or is it just too funny to get upset about? Sound off below.



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