Britney, Jayden and Sean Preston Cause Havoc at Teen Choice Awards


britney-spears-says-no-to-kids-in-reality-showBritney Spears took her kids to the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday as her dates.

Cute, right?

They had to make their way through the celebrity gifting tent (?) and took off with the drumsticks for the Band Hero set up.

Britney and her kids brought the sticks back to the tent, but it was hours later. She insisted on privacy while in the tent after the event so it had to be closed down for her and her boys.  Does that mean she wanted privacy from other celebrities or from the general populous?

My only question, Really? You only brought one set of drumsticks? One set to an event with celebrities, who are notorious for walking away with everything but the tents? I think you may need to plan better next time.