Britney Brings Kids Along For NC-17 Tour?



If the performances on the UK leg of Britney’s Circus tour are titillating, then the after parties are downright X-rated. Topless burlesque dancers, naked acrobats, and dancing dwarves are all reportedly part of the act.

Hold up … isn’t this the tour that Britney threatened to cancel if her kids couldn’t come along?

That’s right, back in February Britney was demanding that Sean Preston and Jayden James had to be on the bus with her. I’m guessing they’re probably not invited to the after parties – all things considered, they probably shouldn’t even be allowed at the shows.

So far, the Circus tour has been absolutely filled with weird, embarrassing mishaps for Britney, see here, here, and here.

Here’s the big question, can nanny K-Fed keep himself away from the debauchery, or will he end up blowing the money Britney pays him to be the nanny on hiring a sitter so he can check out the dancing dwarves??? That’s a tough call.

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