Britney Will Get More Kid Time Than K-Fed



Britney Spears is making a major comeback on her Circus Tour 2009, not just as a pop diva, but as a mother. After years of relatively limited custody of her sons Jayden James and Sean Preston, Britney is now getting more than 50% custody — for the rest of the tour…

Good for her! From TMZ:

“Lawyers for Brit and Kevin Federline have filed docs with the family law Commissioner Scott Gordon, stating they have reached a new temporary custody arrangement. During June, July and August, Britney will have physical custody of Jayden James and Sean Preston more than 50% of the time. The lawyers submitted a calendar outlining who gets the kids on which day.”

So, even though she’s busy putting on her quasi pornographic afterparties every night during the tour, she still has plenty of time for her sons.

I’m sure K-Fed is cool with having a little less responsibility —  as long as he still gets his $5,000 a week for his nanny services.