Britney Hopes Satan Will Make Her Boys Princes Of The New World Order


Britney Spears, Jayden James FederlineBritney has been under some heavy fire this week while she tours Australia with her boys. First, the Aussies were fuming to learn that Britney lip-syncs during her live concerts. Now, Brit’s come clean on her Satanic religious beliefs. And I thought she was  converting to Judaism

OK, she doesn’t worship Satan (or at least she hasn’t fessed up to it yet). Apparently Britney’s Twitter account is what’s possessed here — not necessarily the lip-syncing pop diva.

While I do blame demonic possession for at least 80% of what Britney Spears has done over the last decade, it appears that the Satanic tweets, much like those posted by a Levi Johnston imposter last week, were fake.

From Brit’s  Twitter:



Personally, I thought the prank was hilarious. The hacker even made a border for the page out of Illuminati symbols. Very clever.