Britney Is "Out Of It"


britney-spears2Is it irony that Britney Spears’ dad is trying to clean up her image as her song about threesomes is hitting its stride in the charts? Is that the right usage?

A source says, “He’s really trying to clean up her image. He’s making a lot of changes to the people around her, everyone is a bit on edge they could be the next one to be replaced.”

It’s also being said that she doesn’t really care. She’s off in her own little world, oblivious to everything going on around her.

“She is so out of it she doesn’t care anymore. She just does what she’s told and is totally in her world, she’ll even call people at all hours of night for a general conversation and acts like it’s the middle of the day or something.”

That surely doesn’t sound good. I hope she’s not out of it, because that would mean that she isn’t really any better. Unless of course they mean out of it, like having no say in what goes on. I can understand that.