Brittany Murphys Mom Finds Simon Monjack Dead — Is The Family Home Jinxed?


I can not imagine what Brittany Murphy‘s mom Sharon Murphy must be going through right now. Just five months after her daughter died in the family home, she found Brittany’s husband Simon Monjack dead in the master bedroom.

Sharon had lived with the couple and continued living there after her daughter’s death. Simon and her acted as a united front, dealing with their grief together. But that all changed on Sunday night. Officials told reporters that on Sunday night they received a 911 call from the home. “The preliminary cause of death is natural causes,” Sgt. Louie Lozano told the Associated Press. Another police spokesman, Sgt. Alex Ortiz, said, “We concluded there were no signs of foul play or any criminal activity involved.” Although Simon had originally discovered Brittany body, Shanon made the frantic 911 call…and now just a short time later, she had to make another one.

Shanon and Simon had put the 8,000 square foot home up for sale for 7.25 million dollars after Brittany’s death but took it off the market because they weren’t comfortable with showing the house to the public, especially with all of Britney’s possessions still on display throughout the home. But now, the house will surely be put back on the market. Sharon was the reportedly the sole beneficiary of Brittany’s estate.How could she live in this home that saw not one but two tragedies in such a short time span. If there was any such thing as ghosts, this place would have them. Do you think she will stay? Would you?