Britney Says Be Careful About Fake Meet and Greets


Britney Spears at Madison Square GardenBe careful about Internet scams, says Britney Spears. There’s an official warning on her web site, telling fans not to buy or bid on meet-and-greets with the singing star.

Lots of Brit’s followers are falling for such scams, where they purchase a chance to meet Britney during her Circus concert tour.

“There have been recent sightings of internet auctions for fans to bid for a chance to meet Britney,” says the warning. “ wants to warn fans about these fraudulent opportunities. These postings are fake.”

The celeb mom’s site goes on to say, “Fans would never be charged to meet Britney. The only meet and greets available for the Circus tour are through radio contests in select cities. Please be sure to listen to your local radio station to see if your city is eligible for a meet and greet. Do not bid for one online.”

Britney Spears at Madison Square Garden

Man, so you mean that the $800 I just spent on eBay was for naught? Dammit! I was so looking forward to meeting Sean and Jayden’s mom. Such a fan. *cough*

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