Britney Spears Album Update: New Single In January

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Britney Spears May Drop New Single This January

On December 2, Britney Spears’ birthday, the Queen of Pop announced via Twitter that her new album will be released this upcoming March.

Great news, but that got us thinking. Doesn’t that mean a new single should be released any day now? I’ve got the scoop!

Brad, the editor of says, “The first single from Britney’s as-of-yet untitled seventh studio album will be released in the first week of January. More specifically, I’m hearing Friday, January 7. That’s honestly just the beginning—but I can say no more. I’m sorry!”

I’m not sure if this information is legit, but it would make sense for Britney to release a single sooner rather than later. That’ll give her time to steam up the airwaves and generate hype for the new album.

Are you excited for new Britney music?