Britney Spears Announcement: Britney Spears Pregnant?

britney spears annoucement
Britney Spears Annoucement: Is She Pregnant?

Have you heard Britney Spears’ announcement yet? Commercials during the Oscars 2011 are teasing viewers about a big announcement from Brit…but what could it be? Is she engaged? Is Britney Spears pregnant again?

Although it would be more interesting if it were something a little juicier, Britney Spears’ announcement is that she will be performing in a concert. Well, a “special concert” that is. Britney said, “Good morning, America. I am excited to tell you on Tuesday morning, March 29, I will be performing for the first time ever in a special concert in San Francisco’s historic Castro District on ‘Good Morning America.’ “

Britney Spears’ announcement was definitely tame…which is sort of out of character for her, don’t you think?

Photo: PRPhotos