Britney Spears Collapsed?



Is Britney Spears pushing herself too hard?  She has added more concert dates to her schedule, but maybe she should be cutting back?  The 27-year-old pop star reportedly collapsed during rehearsals.

Spears collapsed during dance rehearsals and a doctor rushed to her side.  A witness said, “She collapsed when the dancers went to put her back on her feet.

“She fell to the floor and landed on one of the dancer’s legs — and the dancer’s tennis shoe smacked Britney in the chest and on her face. It hit her chest with such a force that it caused a four-inch bruise.”

Britney also suffers from low blood sugar, according to a source close to the singer, but her dad Jamie, wants to keep that quiet.  And although Spears is strong and working out regularly, she doesn’t eat right or get enough sleep.

“Her schedule has wreaked havoc on her body,” the insider added.

Is it Britney who is pushing herself too hard, or her dad?  Is Britney truly happy performing?  She seems the happiest when she’s with her sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James.  Perhaps she should consider retiring once her Circus tour is done and just concentrate on being mom!


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