Britney Spears Could Be Hiding A Baby Bump


Britney SpearsThere is a new rumor about Britney Spears, aren’t you excited? Can you guess what it is? There are so many choices it’s hard to pic just one, believe me I know.

If you look at the picture you see she is holding her bag in front of her, as if to hide a baby bump.


That has to be the furthest thing from her mind right now. She is still under a conservatorship and has very little control on the big things in her life.

She can’t be pregnant, she’s almost back to having everything again. She would have to put her life on hold and start all over.

I don’t mean to sound like babies are a bad thing, however there are times in our lives when it’s just a little bit harder to deal all that comes with pregnancy and motherhood.

Please say it’s not true and that is just the way she wanted to hold her purse that day.


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