Britney Spears' Dad: It's Your Boyfriend Or The Kids!


Is Britney Spears on the verge of another complete mental breakdown?

There’s been some murmurs bubbling up that the pop tart’s on-again-off-again relationship with Jason Trawick is driving her insane with jealousy and she’s starting to get derailed.  Her outfit (to the left) is certainly weird, but she’s never been much of a fashion icon. However, lately she’s been spotted out and about several times not wearing a bra and her father Jamie, who has all legal control over her affairs, is not having it!

Jamie has threatened to fire her security guards if they let her out of the house without a bra, reports the UK Sun, and that’s not all…He’s given her an ultimatum: Jason or her kids!

A different source tells In Touch that “Jamie went as far as telling Britney that people would come and take [her sons] Sean and Jayden away if things got much worse. Her children don’t need the drama.”

As of now, Brit has kicked Jason to the curb. Let’s keep our fingers crossed it stays that way. As we’ve seen from past photos of her underwear-less, not wearing a bra is just the tip of the Crotch Shot That No One Needs, especially her kids, iceberg.