Britney Spears First To Rub Beyonces Baby Bump Back Stage At The VMAs

Britney Spears at the VMA's.

By now, everyone can agree that the biggest news story to make headlines from MTV’s Video Music Awards was Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement and full-on baby bump display (sorry, Jo Calderone).

And who better to be first in line to rub Beyonce’s pregnant belly?  Why, pop princess Britney Spears of course.

According to sources, Britney who looked absolutely radiant at the awards show showed up backstage to congratulate mom-to-be Beyonce and talk about babies and kids, of course.

Britney was then the first celebrity shall we say to give the most talked about baby bump a good rub.

Sources also say Beyonce told Britney her expected due date, but whispered it in her ear.

Do you think Britney and Beyonce will become new mom friends once Beyonce has her baby?


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