Britney Spears Gets An Adorable New Puppy! Did You Buy Or Rescue Your Dog?(Photos)


Britney Spears and her sons, Jayden James Federline and Sean Preston Federline, take their new puppy to the vet in Los AngelesBritney Spears was spotted with an adorable new puppy today!

She was out with her sons Jayden James Federline and Sean Preston Federline who look extremely excited to play with the fluff ball!

Do you have a dog? I have an adorable parti-havaneese dog named Mookie Wilson. Yes, I let my husband name the dog so I could name the kids! I did not want to have to fight over calling the kids by the name of a favorite sports star!

So here is my confession, I bought my dog! Yep I said, it (although it was 7 years ago)! It was from a local pet-store where Britney and Paris were known to buy their dogs!

It was before I had any education on puppy farms! It was pre-kids. In my defense I went to private breeders, and they turned me away because we lived in a condo. I was afraid, because as a teen we rescued a dog and it bit my brother and I knew we would be having kids soon and I did not want to take chances.

My lesson learned was… Would I do something different now, probably. Would I rescue? Maybe. Would I change what I did? Absolutely not. But, I 100 percent support dog rescue programs and would not want to encourage purchasing a dog (UNLESS), you really had no other choice and looked at all of your options!

Check out the photos below! You will LOVE!


  • Britney Spears 1 of 12
    Britney Spears
    Britney Spears and her sons, Jayden James Federline and Sean Preston Federline, take their new puppy to the vet in Los Angeles.
  • Puppy! 2 of 12
    The little puppy appeared to have its injured its leg, as it had its paw wrapped up in a pink bandage.
  • Protective! 3 of 12
    Britney is one protective mama!
  • Love! 4 of 12
    You can tell Britney loves that puppy!
  • Singing? 5 of 12
    So do you think Jayden is singing a song?
  • Which One? 6 of 12
    Which One?
    I wonder if they sing Britney or One Direction?
  • Hold On! 7 of 12
    Hold On!
    He is holding on tight to that bottle of water!
  • Iphone! 8 of 12
    Don't you think he should have a case on that iphone? Maybe it is Britney's?
  • Help? 9 of 12
    I have never seen a vet walk you to your car!
  • Sean Preston 10 of 12
    Sean Preston
    Sean Preston looks like he is ready for his close up Mr' Deville!
  • Or…. 11 of 12
    He is acting like a dog and ready to bite!
  • Mookie Wilson! 12 of 12
    Mookie Wilson!
    I know you wanted to see him! We were packing and he wanted to make sure his bear came!

(Photo Source : Pacific Coast )
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