Britney Spears Goes to Walmart for Easter Goodies! (Photos)


Britney Spears went and got her Walmart on y’all! The mom of two was spotted in Kentwood, Louisiana and not just going to the local Walmart but also stopped by the nearby dollar store! The girl does love a bargain! Britney bought a Disney dress (probably for her niece), some toys for her boys, and lots of beautiful flowers!

Check out more photos of Britney here:

  • Flowers for Easter 1 of 5
    Flowers for Easter
    Britney had a cart full of stuff, including a bunch of flowers for Easter.
  • All Smiles 2 of 5
    All Smiles
    Britney was all smiles as she headed to the store.
  • Low Prices 3 of 5
    Low Prices
    She can afford high prices but still loves a deal!
  • Princess! 4 of 5
    She was spotted loading a Princess dress into her car! (must be for her niece).
  • Does her own Loading! 5 of 5
    Does her own Loading!
    Britney doesn't need any "people" doing her loading, she takes care of it all herself!