Britney Spears "I Wanna Go" Music Video- Celeb Mom Style: Too Skimpy or Just Right?

Britney Spears I Wanna Go music video
Britney Spears style for I Wanna Go music video

The Britney Spears “I Wanna Go” music video is pretty cute, don’t you think? But check out Britney Spears’ style choices for the video. Are they too skimpy and too young? Or just right?

Britney’s style in “I Wanna Go” seem like stuff she would wear back in the day – she’s all grown up now, and while music videos don’t necessarily have to reflect her age (or her tour costumes), I think it’s interesting that she’s still skewing pretty young with her style.

In the music video, Britney wears a white Mickey Mouse skull half-shirt with ripped up sleeves and stitched up sides. How about those studded Louboutins with ripped black pants held together with safety pins and paired with a grommet belt and black fingerless gloves?

After Spears leaves the press conference, she’s got spiky black combat boots on, with a white leather jacket (more safety pins!), ruffly mini skirt and pink polka dotted bikini.

Britney’s hair has some fun and funky highlights in black, pink and orange, too.

Do you like Britney’s look in the “I Wanna Go” video? Love or hate her fashion choices, Britney is looking pretty hot!

Anything goes in Hollywood– except for these Celeb Moms Who Dress Too Young!

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