Britney Spears Involved In Charlie Sheen Binge?


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Was Britney Spears Involved In The Charlie Sheen 36-Hour Binge?

Britney Spears was involved in the Charlie Sheen 36-hour binge, but not in the way you may have guessed.

Sheen’s adult film star party gal, Kacey Jordan, used to date Spears‘ ex-hubby Kevin Federline and even babysat Spears‘ kids, Sean Preston and Jayden James.

Kacey tells TMZ, “I watched the kids when Kevin was dealing with the divorce. He was busy with going to so many meetings with lawyers. We went swimming … they were great.”

Perhaps this is a more appropriate way of making money, unlike the $30,000 she collected from partying with Sheen.

Do you think Spears would have approved of Kacey watching the boys?