Britney Spears Kisses Sean Preston on Stage at Concert (Video)

britney spears sean preston jayden james concert video
Britney Spears brought Sean Preston on stage

Cute overload! Britney Spears and son Sean Preston shared a moment at her concert last night, when Britney brought Sean Preston on stage.

Sean Preston waved to the cheering crowd as mom held his hand and planted a kiss on him.

Where’s Jayden James?

Sean Preston looked a bit overwhelmed – and what kid wouldn’t be? But as a celeb kid whose mom entertains legions of fans, I guess it’s something he has to get used to.

Britney Spears continues to share moments with her kids – some more normal than others, as bringing your kid on stage at a full arena has to be out-of-this-world unbelievable.

The Britney Spears/Sean Preston moment was way cuter than the lap dancing she’s been offering up during concerts, that’s for sure!

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