Britney Spears On Her Way To Gaining Joint Custody?


On June 3, Britney Spears’ father Jamie, who has conservatorship (i.e. total control) over the pop tart, met with Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Reva Goetz to discuss custody of his daughter’s two sons Jayden James and Sean Preston.

Jamie’s attorney Geraldine Wyle, Britney’s court-appointed attorney Sam Ingham, and Andrew Wallet, were all present for the evaluation. Right now, Britney and Kevin split the time 50/50, but Kevin still has custody stemming from Britney’s Crazy Period where she shaved her head, flashed her no-no parts, and basically went nuts. As things now stand, when Britney sees her children, someone else must always be present.

Once Britney is no longer under conservatorship and unleashed into freedom by her father, Kevin is not opposed to sharing custody.

An expert has been ordered to prepare a report quarterly for the conservatorship. The first report is due September 30, 2010, which could be a sign that Brit might not be living under her father’s thumb for much longer. 

A family insider told that “This is a step in the process for Britney to go through before the conservatorship ends. Along with a psychological evaluation, and a child custody evaluation, among other things will be part of the evidence Judge Goetz looks at in determining when it will end.”

Britney clearly wants her children back, but I hope they take this process slowly. It would be harmful for the kids to be back with their mother only to have something happen again that would cause her to have a meltdown and end in them being dragged away once again.