Britney Spears Says Her Boys Will Be in Show Business: Good or Bad Idea?

Britney Spears and her boys, Sean Preston and Jayden James

Britney Spears is already planning her kids’ careers!

Yep… the mom who went through hell herself growing up in the limelight, in front of the cameras and paparazzi… wants her kids to pursue careers in the entertainment industry.

Or as Brit says, “the entertainment businesses”.

She seems to have carved their future already for them Sean Preston, who just turned 6, and Jayden James who just turned 5, are enjoying being on the road with their pop star mom.

“When I’m on the road they come with me and they love being on the road,” Britney tells the hosts of British talk show Daybreak.

“They are in awe, they come home and copy the dancers and the dancers’ moves and try to get on their heads and do spins and do all these things. They’ll definitely be in the entertainment businesses.”

Remember that their father, Kevin Federline, was also a dancer?

Although Brit is in a “good place” now, should she really encourage her boys to get into show biz?  Does she forget how it was and all the issues she had?

“I’m busy, I’m doing what I love, my family is great … I’m finding my whole click with life.”


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