Britney Spears Talks Zits And Motherhood

Britney Spears

Finally, a Britney Spears interview that we can relate too. The celebrity mom opens up about a few things in her life that moms want to talk about, but sometimes are just too embarrassed to open up about: zits! That’s right, we might be in our 20s, 30s, or 40s, but we sometimes still wake up like a 16-year-old on the morning of their first prom freaking out, and Britney totally knows what we’re talking about.

In a new interview with Lucky Magazine, the pop princess talks about her style routine, her man Jason Trawick, and her boys, Sean Preston, and Jayden James. “I really just wear mascara all the time,” she says in the December issue of Lucky. “And powder, because I have zits.” The Louisiana native often receives free beauty products, but she rarely uses them. “I get, like, these giant boxes of lip gloss and nail polish, and it’s like candy.”

And what about her day-to-day life? She says, “I work out. I swim. I play with the kids, I cook and I garden. We play Connect Four. We play Candy Land. Last night we read The Night Pirates.”

Sounds pretty normal, right? How can we not love Brit?

Photo via Lucky

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