Britney Spears Twitter Photo of Her Kids Sipping Tea

Britney Spears boys Sean Preston Jayden James
Britney Spears tweets photo of her boys!

It’s nice when Britney Spears shares a bit of her family life with her fans. Check out the photo of her kids sipping tea that Britney posted on Twitter.

In the pic, Sean Preston and Jayden James are seen sipping on tea, with Britney Spears writing, “Had a great time at the boys’ tee ball game yesterday, made the boys mama’s homemade sweet tea after!”

Tee ball and iced tea? Sounds like Britney is trying to give her kids as normal an upbringing as possible, given the fact that she’s.. you know… Britney Spears.

How cute are Brit’s kids?

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Source: Twitter

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