Britney Spears Vs Nicole Richie Who Wins Best Dressed Plunging Dress? (Photos)


Britney Spears at Elton John's Annual Academy Awards party in Los AngelesBritney Spears vs Nicole Richie: who wins best dressed plunging dress? Britney, the 31-year-old pop star, made quite an impression on the red carpet, debuting a new brunette hair color and wearing an incredible Michael Cinco Couture dress.

Nicole Richie and her husband Joel Madden graced the carpet like a mobster and his wife who just jumped out of the getaway car!

Both Britney and Nicole looked smokin’ hot to me! What do you think?

Check out the photos!

  • Benji and Nicole! 1 of 9
    Benji and Nicole!
    The two of them are hot together!
  • Hair! 2 of 9
    Britney debuts her hair what do you think? A win?
  • Hair? 3 of 9
    Nicole has a nice wave and a great color! What do you think? A win?
  • Silouhette? 4 of 9
    Britney is looking amazing! Simply amazing!
  • Silouhette? 5 of 9
    Nicole is also rocking her side view! Beautiful!
  • Makeup! 6 of 9
    Simple and elegant Nicole has added just enough color!
  • Makeup! 7 of 9
    Britney could use a little more lipstick I think!!
  • Accessories! 8 of 9
    Nicole's simple necklace and red popping clutch is nice!
  • Who Wins? 9 of 9
    Who Wins?
    I think it is a good tie! Both women look incredible!

(Photo Source : Pacific Coast )
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