Britney Spears WILL Perform at 2011 Grammy Awards


britney spears, hold it against me
Britney Spears Will Perform At 2011 Grammy Awards.

Britney Spears’ has released her latest single, Hold It Against Me, that has shot to number one on the iTunes charts. And now uber fans have even more reason to celebrate as Spears will be performing at this year’s annual Grammy Awards.

According to sources who have reached out to Perez Hilton, Spears will be performing a medley of hits as well as her latest single, Hold It Against Me. This will be Spears‘ first LIVE performance in years and her first Grammy performance since 2000.

Check out this video below of her performance from 2000 and just imagine what we will be seeing this time around! I can hardly contain my excitement! Are you there with me?