Britney Takes Her Circus Animals To The Zoo



For the second day in a row, Britney Spears has been seen in public acting like a complete–ly normal mother. That’s right, both yesterday at the toy store and today at the London Zoo, Britney has been acting disturbingly undisturbed.

With a couple of helpers, she left the Circus Tour behind and took Jayden James and Sean Preston out to see the animals.

Or, when you reflect on the fact that she’s constantly surrounded day in and day out by a band of scantily-clad circus freaks, as well K-Fed, maybe she left the animals behind for an afternoon…

It is a surprisingly good showing for the pop diva, who’s clever bargaining with K-Fed (along with the fact that he’s broke) has allowed her to get more than 50% custody of her boys for the remained of the tour.

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