Britney To Drug Test Her Entourage On Australian Tour


Britney with boysEchoing the no-smoking policy that Madonna instituted on her recent Sticky and Sweet Tour, Britney has put a zero-tolerance drug policy in place for the Australian leg of her Circus Tour. Either consent to random drug tests, or you’re out. Does that mean K-Fed’s disqualified from his position as “nanny on tour?

According to a Britney insider: “Britney’s rule is clear zero tolerance. No drink. No drugs. If you do not comply, you do not tour with Britney.”

Apparently, Britney’s confidential contract bans crew members from using drugs and even alcohol for the duration of the tour. That contract apparently covers all of Brit’s 277-member crew, including the 150 Australian staffers.

With Brit’s record, I guess she can’t take the chance of anyone inadvertently peer-pressuring her back to Crazytown. She has just recently go her sanity back and it working to get full custody rights, so I can understand some of the concern.

Still, banning alcohol? Even off-duty? Doesn’t that seem a little excessive?

I always assumed that Britney was drugged-out during her head-shaving days, but I never really know what her drug of choice was. K-Fed’s been known to enjoy a little reefer every now and then, did he have to sign the drug test contract? If not, does that mean he can’t come along?

Guess the staff will just have to abuse prescription drugs or something while the tour goes through the land down under.