Britney Wants A Baby Girl With New Boyfriend


britney_trawickThings are getting serious between Britney and her new man, says an insider. After receiving K-Fed’s blessing last week, rumors are swirling around Britney and Jason Trawick’s eventual marriage and even children.

Says the insider:

“(Britney) says she wants a man who loves her, who loves having a family, and who goes to work while she stays at home and cares for the children…

“Britney dreams of getting married to Jason and having his baby,” the insider added. “She would love to finally have a baby girl and be a stay-at-home mom and not to be on tour.”

There you have it, Britney is totally ready to play house, but according to the same source, there’s a bit of a problem: Jason supposedly has a history of losing most of his long-term relationships because he won’t pop the question.

Is Britney and her rejuvenated financial empire special enough for Jason to finally commit? Britney’s star is rising again and she’s totally like 2,000% less crazy than last year.