Britney's Mansion Is A Tough Sell



Anybody on the market for a bargain-priced 7,500 sq-ft, renaissance-themed, luxury villa? Bonus: it was the site of her freaky child custody standoff and mental breakdown …

It could be the bad mojo attached to the place, or the tanking US real estate market, but Britney recently dropped the asking price by $1.4M. Originally priced at $7.9M, the place can now be had for a measly $6.5M.

Britney bought the 6 bedroom-6 bath villa for $7.1M in December of 2007, shortly before she started to enter her darkest days. The villa was the backdrop for her infamous ambulance ride, if you remember that saga – resulting from her sleep deprived refusal to turn over the kids to K-Fed.

Now, things are looking up for Britney. At least, she seems a little more together. She’s on a successful tour, she’s got the kids nearby, nanny K-Fed, and things are looking up.

Now, if she could only find a sucker to buy her house.

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