Brittany Murphy's Husband Simon Monjack Found Dead By Her Mom


Brittany Murphy’s husband, screenwriter Simon Monjack, was found dead  last night by Brittany Murphy’s mother, Sharon, who discovered Monjack lying unresponsive in his Hollywood home. Monjack’s death comes just five months after the death of his wife, actress Brittany Murphy, who died of a combination of pneumonia and anemia. By all accounts, Sharon Murphy and Simon Monjack were very close. She lived with her daughter and Monjack at their home, and since Brittany’s death last year, she and Monjack had been”keeping each other going”, according to Monjack’s mother, Linda Monjack.
Although an official cause of death has not been determined, Monjack appeared to have suffered a heart attack. According to his mother, Simon took his wife’s death very hard.

“Some days he wants to kill himself, and other days he seems to be coping better,” Linda Monjack told People back in January, just weeks after Brittany died. “He is distraught. I speak to him every day, and he is often in tears.”