Brittney Jones: New Ashton Kutcher Affair Evidence?

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Brittney Jones Releases New Ashton Kutcher Affair Evidence?

Brittney Jones is definitely out for blood as far as smearing Ashton Kutcher’s image goes. Brittney Jones is now using her rumored affair with Ashton Kutcher to make a buck…and she’s leading us to believe that there is new evidence of her alleged affair with Ashton Kutcher. Something tells me that Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are wishing that Brittney Jones would drop off the face of the earth.

Brittney Jones is releasing “a video that should only be viewed by adults in the privacy of their own bedrooms”, and she’s using Ashton Kutcher’s name to promote it, leading some to think that Ashton is featured in the “flick”, which he most definitely isn’t.

Ashton Kutcher has denied having an affair with Brittney Jones, and he remains a committed husband and stepdad to Demi Moore and her kids. His lawyers will definitely take legal action against Brittney Jones’ latest claims.

But for whatever reason, Brittney Jones just won’t go away.

Photo: PRPhotos