Brittny Gastineau Meets Half-Brother After 20 Years


brittny_gastineauSocialite Brittny Gastineau finally met her half-brother after 20 years.

Brittny said, “I’ve always known I have a half-brother, I was told as a kid, but he was totally off the radar. It was like he didn’t exist.”

Gastineau’s father was a New York Jets player who left her mom to be with actress Brigitte Nielsen. They had a son, Killian Marcus Gastineau, now 20.

Their meeting was arranged by Nielsen when she texted her mom and said that Marcus wanted to meet her. Brittny described the dinner as “weird and surreal”.

“I didn’t cry. I’m too tough to cry. But we hugged, we talked about old stories. He said he watched Gastineau Girls in Italy, so he knew what I looked like.”

I hope he watched Gastineau Girls because he knew she was his half-sister!