Broke Mama: Octomom Getting $2000 A Month On Welfare

Octomom is broke

Ugh. This was just all too predictable, right? Nadya Suleman, who we all better know as Octomom, is officially on welfare.

Even though she makes an income of more than $118,000 a year it’s still not enough to feed her family of 15. Octo is now receiving an additional $2,000 a month to help feed her family through a debit card that is closely monitored by the state of California, according to TMZ.

Octo has also pulled all of her children from private school except for one child who has autism, which is helping her save an additional $4,000 a month as well.

Is there anyone who is feeling sorry for this woman? I don’t. I just feel sorry for her children that have to deal with a cash-strapped, fame-seeking mother who totally brought this on to herself. It’s simple enough – if you are broke, don’t have kids.

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